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Let's Rebuild the Benthic Layer.

The Benthic Zone plays a vital role in the health of aquatic ecosystems. Microscopic benthic organisms are good indicators of water quality. Rebuilding the Benthic Layer is not going to be easy, nothing worthwhile is. Sustainable Fishing, Voting for Effective Environmental Regulations and Investing into the Coral Reef Restoration Projects are a few ways we can all make an Effort to Rebuild the Benthic Layer.

  • Hook-and-Lining (pole catching)

  • Harpooning

  • Traps

  • Trolling

  • Purse seining

  • Use Lead-free tackle

  • Practice catch and release

  • Use all of what you catch

"If we don’t vote, we are ignoring history and giving away the future."--Pat Mitchell

Coral reefs are important for many different reasons aside from containing the most diverse ecosystems on the planet. They: protect coastlines from the damaging effects of wave action and tropical storms. provide habitats and shelter for many marine organisms. Coral Reefs are the communities of our Oceans which Nourish All Marine Life.

Become a #WaterWarrior and clean your local environment. Support Camp Coral, our youth outreach program. Help inspire our next generation to advocate for that they believe in.

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