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Water Warrior Alliance works with Fishing Tournaments  to try and reduce the amount of monofilament line and wind driven debris that gets tossed in the ocean during fishing tournaments.


The monofilament line never degrades and keeps catching fish, mammals, seabirds, and turtles. Its negative impact on the marine ecosystem is forever.


We donate 100 monofilament collection tubes to the captain’s buckets at all willing fishing tournaments. During the tournament, we are asking captains and crew to drop their discarded lines into the tubes and bring them to our table. Once we receive their tubes, they will get a raffle ticket and a chance to win  gift baskets.


Water Warrior Alliance volunteers will empty the tubes and give them back to the Captains, throughout the tournament. We hope they continue the practice of ocean conservation on all of their future charters and fishing trips.

We also facilitate a Trash Trophy division where the heaviest trash wins $1000 cash! The next Suncoast tournament is sponsored by Mastry Engines. 


Water Warrior Alliance upcycles as much marine debris as possible. We will utilize the recycled monofilament to make a Silver custom hook charms tied into the upcycled monofilament bracelets. These “invisible” bracelets will be sold for $20 each to generate funds that support our mission of reducing plastic pollution.

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