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Let's start from the beginning.

My husband Casey and I love spending our time on the water. We were exposed as children- influenced by certain individuals and events that have led us to where we are currently. We now have children of our own and we try and teach them to be stewards of their environment, live sustainably and advocate for what they believe in.

AQUALANCE- Underwater Cleaning Via Cavitation

In 2014 Casey invested in a Cavitation Cleaner, shortly after came AQUALANCE- An environmentally friendly way to clean anti-fouling paint off marine vessels. Cavitation removes significantly less bottom paint = Proven by Military and Private independent testing. Unlike a pressure washer the imploding bubbles are safe to the diver and marine life, the fish love to swim through the bubbles during use.

Cavitation: cav·i·ta·tion- noun PHYSICS

  1. the formation of an empty space within a solid object or body.

    • the formation of bubbles in a liquid, typically by the movement of a propeller through it.

AQUALANCE inspired me to launch Byrne Ocean Conservation in 2017. Pollution doesn't just impact marine-life, it impacts our lives. We started with collecting sediment samples for Eco-toxicity including Heavy Metals which are found in Anti-fouling paints in the inland waterways of Pinellas County.

Our mission is to improve wildlife sustainability, reduce eco-toxicity, and rebuild the benthic layer by conducting research, building awareness and improving conservation. Byrne Ocean Conservation is a 501(c)(3)  non-profit organization and all gifts made to this cause may be tax deductible to the extent of the law. 82-4736893, in St. Petersburg Florida. #WaterWarriors

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