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Plastic Alternative Pledge


The Water Warrior Alliance Pledge is an initiative to reduce plastic waste, designed to make it easier for businesses or individuals to switch from synthetic apparel, toxic skin products, plastic and styrofoam tableware to environmentally friendly alternatives. Byrne Ocean Conservation's Water Warrior Alliance has created a free, optional, and eco-friendly program for businesses or individuals. The Pledge offers the opportunity to make greener choices, without forcing them to ban certain products. Businesses can choose to participate in any of the source reduction.


Participating businesses will receive free social media promotion, and marketing tools like plaques and stickers. Tourists are increasingly searching for eco-friendly businesses. Going green can potentially drive them to you. 


With more businesses onboard, we hope to influence cities to adopt immediately impactful ordinances like banning single use plastic at city properties or large events. We also hope to partner with cities and businesses to schedule clean ups at beaches, parks and on our waterways. 


We would like to recognize these businesses, who currently meet the plastic alternative pledge. We encourage interested businesses to reach out to them and learn how cost effective and easy it is to transition to plastic free.


Heidi Hoffeditz

(727) 810-7545 X4


Auburn Supply Group is a team of passionate people whose goal is to improve the state of our surroundings by offering innovative, non-toxic product alternatives. We build great solutions to solve the complexities of transitioning from plastics.


Our products are designed for any event, restaurant, cafe, bar, facility/company or municipality looking to optimize their performance and gain respect in their community for doing the right thing for their customers and for the environment


(863) 473-4223

(866) 960-9513


Leaders in reef safe skin care, STREAM2SEA is the first and only mineral sunscreen company that ensures all of their sunscreen and skin care products are scientifically proven safe to fishes and coral larvae.

In 2020, their sport sunscreen achieved the coveted protect land + sea certified label.




Josh Rumschlag 


Earth Conscious. Health Conscious. People Conscious. 

Mother Kombucha is out to prove that doing good is good for business. They Have built their business by making products that are not just delicious and low in sugar and calories, but also cleanly sourced and fairly made. They consider the impact of our choices on people and the planet and are continually striving to do better.




Sara Williams


GreenPolly aims to make a difference. Their wish is to consume and recycle otherwise discarded plastics. They have developed a new brand of trash, pet waste and recycling bags called GreenPolly. GreenPolly is one of the first bags to be made of 80-90% post-consumer (not industrial) plastic and a renewable source (10-20% Green Plastic from Sugarcane). 

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Pledge To Use Plastic Alternatives

Businesses or individuals are responsible for maintaining and upholding the level that they choose. Businesses can choose to participate in any of the source reduction levels listed below
(check preferred level or levels)

Source Reduction Levels:
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